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References and links to useful documents

The following documents are relevant to the topic of historical SSTs and many are cited in the HadSST3 papers. Some link directly to scanned copies of the papers, others to the journal websites.


Kennedy J.J., Smith R.O., Rayner N.A. 2011. Using AATSR data to assess the quality of in situ SST observations for climate studies. Accepted Remote Sensing of Environment. (word document 630 kb)

Folland, C. (2005) Assessing bias corrections in historical sea surface temperature using a climate model. Int. J. Climatol., 25(7), 895-911, doi:10.1002/joc.1171 (pdf 805 kb)

Admiralty_weather_manual_1938.pdf (pdf 730 kb)

Amot_1954.pdf (pdf 1.9 Mb)

Ashford_1949.pdf (pdf 1.9 Mb)

Attlmayr_1883.pdf (pdf 900 kb)

Brooks_1926.pdf (6.5 Mb)

Brooks_1928.pdf (4.4 Mb)

Dietrich_1951.pdf (5.0 Mb)

Folland 1991 (7.2 Mb)

German_bucket.pdf (1.1 Mb)

German_bucket_1983.pdf (pdf 612 kb)

Handbook_of_met_instruments_1956.pdf (2.0 Mb)

Handbook_of_met_instruments_1981.pdf (902 kb)

Henry_1867.pdf (pdf 1.2 Mb)

Kiel_1871.pdf (pdf 1.3 Mb)

Kirk_and_Gordon_1952.pdf (pdf 1.4 Mb)

Lumby_1927.pdf (pdf 1.9 Mb)

Lumby_1928.pdf (pdf 2.0 Mb)

Maury_1858.pdf (pdf 3.1 Mb)

NOAA_1981.pdf (pdf 538 kb)

Rhodes_1994.pdf (pdf 1.8 Mb)

Rhodes_1995.pdf (pdf 1.2 Mb)

Roll_1951.pdf (pdf 790 kb)

Roll_1951b.pdf (pdf 2.3 Mb)

Russian_Hydrometeorological_Service_1913.pdf (pdf 1.3 Mb)

Saur_1963.pdf (pdf 2.6 Mb)

Schott_1893.pdf (pdf 809 kb)

Stevenson_1963.pdf (pdf 1021 kb)

Stubbs_1965.pdf (pdf 583 kb)

Stupart_1928.pdf pdf (2.1 Mb)

Tabata_1977.pdf Comparison of Observations of Sea Surface Temperatures at Ocean Station P and NOAA Buoy Stations and Those Made by Merchant Ships Traveling in Their Vicinities, in the Northeast Pacific Ocean. Journal of Applied Meteorology (pdf 3.5 Mb)

Tabata 1978 Tabata, S., 1978: An Evaluation of the Quality of Sea Surface Temperatures and Salinities Measured at Station P and Line P in the Northeast Pacific Ocean. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 8, 970–986. (external link)

Tauber_1969.pdf (pdf 2.5 Mb)

US_Hydropgraphic_Office_1877.pdf (pdf 3.0 Mb)

US_Hydropgraphic_Office_1904.pdf (pdf 395 kb)

Visbec_1938.pdf (pdf 969 kb)

Wahl_1948.pdf (1.5 Mb)

Wahl_1950.pdf (4.4 Mb)

Walden 1966 (external link)

Wright_and_Wallace_1983.pdf (pdf 1.2 Mb)

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