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HadISD Individual station data download - version

HadISD is distributed under the Non Commercial Government Licence. The data are available for non-commercial use with attribution to the data providers. Please cite Dunn et al (2012), Dunn et al (2014), Dunn et al (2016), Dunn (2019) and Smith et al (2011) and state the version used. This product may contain data which are governed by WMO Policy following WMO Resolution 40 Annex 1 alongside additional data that may have restrictions placed on their commercial use by the data owners. Any redistribution of this product should be accompanied by a similar statement of usage policy.

The current version of HadISD is For previous versions please contact the dataset maintainers

The station listing with IDs, names and location information is here.

The combined station download page can be accessed here

Station numbers 0* (010010-99999 to 095770-99999)

Station numbers 1* (100001-99999 to 176090-99999)

Station numbers 2* (200260-99999 to 299990-99999)

Station numbers 3* (300140-99999 to 389870-99999)

Station numbers 4* (400010-99999 to 489910-99999)

Station numbers 5* (501360-99999 to 599970-99999)

Station numbers 6* (600010-99999 to 691464-99999)

Station numbers 7* (700001-26492 to 789900-99999)

Station numbers 8* (800010-99999 to 898790-99999)

Station numbers 9* (910660-22701 to 999999-94996)

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