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HadEX3 is distributed under the Open Government Licence. Any redistribution of this product should be accompanied by a similar statement of usage policy.

HadEX3 is subject to Crown copyright protection.

NetCDF data files

The ET-SCI extension to HadEX3 has been included at version 3.0.4 to align with the "original" HadEX3 of ETCCDI indices. Any future update will include all indices in a single release. Below are links to the download pages for the NetCDF datafiles, auxillary data files of station counts and also to plots from the papers.

SubsetQuick DescriptionVersionRelease DateDataAuxillary dataPlotsCEDA Archive
ETCCDI"original" HadEX33.0.47th January 2022ETCCDIETCCDIETCCDICEDA
ET-SCIHadEX3 sector specific extension3.0.414th March 2024ET-SCIET-SCIET-SCICEDA

For full details of version changes see the Changelog.

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