Met Office Hadley Centre observations datasets
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The data is free for use for non-commercial applications, but please read the terms and conditions.
We request that users please register with the website here. You do not have to register, but registering and providing information on the applications that the dataset is being put to will help us in improving the science.

A simple timing criterion was used, counting 90°E-90°W as daytime for 1200 UTC and nighttime for 0000 UTC, and vice versa for all other longitudes. Only stations between 70°N and 70°S were included, to limit the seasonality of polar day and night.

Click here for data from merged (0000 UTC and 1200 UTC) observational data experiments (used for Guo et al., 2008).

Click here for data used to derive the trends in Thorne et al. 2011. (Warning, large file - 690Mb .tgz)

Click here for trend uncertainties derived in Thorne et al. 2011.

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