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HadSST2 Diagnostics: global average (NH+SH)/2

Calculating the global mean as the mean of the northern and southern hemisphere global averages helps prevent the value becoming dominated by the Northern hemisphere, where there are more observations.

Annual series

Annual timeseries

The red bars show the global annual average sea surface temperature anomalies from 1850 on. The error bars show the 95% uncertainty range on the annual averages. The green bar shows the provisional average for the year so far. The thick blue line shows the annual values (excluding the value for the current year) after smoothing with a 21 point binomial filter, the dashed portion of the smoothed line indicates where it is influenced by the treatment of the end points. The thin blue lines show the 95% uncertainty on the smoothed curve.

Annual series smoothed with a 21-point binomial filter

Annual timeseries binomally filtered

Annual series

Annual timeseries

Monthly series

Monthly timeseries

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