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HadGHCND Data: download

The data are available in NetCDF format or as a set of compressed plain text files in this data format. Please click here to see a sample of the plain text data.
If you have any difficulties downloading or unpacking the data from this page, please contact us.

Daily temperature anomalies

Updated May 2015

These data cover the years 1950-2014 inclusive and are anomalies relative to the 1961-90 daily means.

NetCDF Tmax and Tmin anomalies ~111Mb
Plain text Tmax anomalies HadGHCND_TX_anoms_1950-2014_15052015.tar.gz ~67Mb
Plain text Tmin anomalies HadGHCND_TN_anoms_1950-2014_15052015.tar.gz ~66Mb


Daily actual temperatures

Updated October 2015

These are actual temperatures covering the period 1950-2014 inclusive. They were produced by combining the gridded anomalies (above) with grids representing the 1961-1990 mean climatology for each gridbox for each day of the year. We do not adjust the normals at each station before interpolation, and therefore these grids may be less representative over areas with large spatial variability in climate, such as regions with large variations in topography.

NetCDF Tmax and Tmin actuals ~124Mb
Plain text Tmax anomalies HadGHCND_TX_acts_1950-2014_15102015.tar.gz ~74Mb
Plain text Tmin anomalies HadGHCND_TN_acts_1950-2014_15102015.tar.gz ~73Mb


Extremes Indices derived from HadGHCND

Added May 2015

Temperature extremes indices based on the definitions for the ETCCDI indices have been produced from HadGHCND. These were calculated using the HadGHCND gridded actual temperatures. Please see the ETCCDI definitions page for more information about the indices. Note that these files are in NetCDF format and provided in association with the CLIMDEX project.

Extremes Index Description Compressed NetCDF
TXx Maximum Tmax
TXn Minimum Tmax
TNx Maximum Tmin
TNn Minimum Tmin
TX90p Frequency of warm days
TX10p Frequency of cold days
TN90p Frequency of warm nights
TN10p Frequency of cold nights
DTR Daily Temperature Range
GSL Growing Season Length
WSDI Warm Spell Duration Index
CSDI Cold Spell Duration Index
FD Frost Days
ID Icing Days
SU Summer Days
TR Tropical Nights


Version used in IPCC AR5

The version of the HadGHCND dataset used for analyses in the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) is available below. These files were created in July 2012 and cover the years 1950-2011 inclusive. The temperature anomalies are given relative to the 1961-90 daily means.


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