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HadCRUT3 archived version December 2009

These data are the old version of HadCRUT3, which contains a number of errors in the land component of the data, principally in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. They are provided for comparison purposes only and will not be updated. The data set has since been corrected and the corrected version is here.

The data are available in two formats: either as a set of compressed plain text files in this data format, or as a set of NetCDF files.

VariableAs compressed textAs textAs NetCDF
Best estimate temperature anomalies HadCRUT3_archive_dec_2009.gz HadCRUT3_archive_dec_2009.txt
Measurement and sampling error HadCRUT3_archive_dec_2009_m+s_error.gz HadCRUT3_archive_dec_2009_m+s_error.txt
Station error HadCRUT3_archive_dec_2009_station_error.gz HadCRUT3_archive_dec_2009_station_error.txt
Temperature anomalies including biases
at the upper uncertainty range
HadCRUT3_archive_dec_2009_biased_97.5pc.gz HadCRUT3_archive_dec_2009_biased_97.5pc.txt
Temperature anomalies including biases
at the lower uncertainty range
HadCRUT3_archive_dec_2009_biased_2.5pc.gz HadCRUT3_archive_dec_2009_biased_2.5pc.txt

Variance adjusted data

Because the number of observations forming each grid-box average in HadCRUT3 is not constant in space or time, the variability in the gridded anomalies also changes: grid-box averages made from many observations have a smaller variance than those made from few. We have made a variance adjusted version of the dataset, where the anomalies have been statistically processed to homogenise the variances.

The strengths and weaknesses of variance adjusted data are discussed in the paper describing the dataset; please read this before using the data.

The variance adjusted dataset (HadCRUT3v) is available in the same two formats.

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