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HadCRUH: Licence

HadCRUH data and products can be used and redistributed under the conditions of the Non-Commercial Government Licence. This is because HadCRUH contains meteorological data classed as 'additional' under WMO Resolution 40, which may have conditions placed on its use. Re-distribution of these data must provide the same notification of conditions, acknowledgement of the data providers using the citations given below, and clearly state the version of the data used.

When publishing work using the data, please use the following three citations to recognise the HadCRUH data providers and the original ISD and ICOADS source datasets:
Willett, K.W., P.D. Jones, N.P. Gillett and P. W. Thorne, 2008: Recent changes in surface humidity: development of the HadCRUH dataset. J. Clim..21, 5364:5383.
Lott, J.N., and R. Baldwin, 2002: The FCC integrated surface hourly database, a new resource of global climate data. 13th Symposium on Global Change and Climate Variations, Orlando, FL, American Meteorological Society, Paper 27792.
Worley, S.J., S.D. Woodruff, R.W. Reynolds, S.J. Lubker, and N. Lott, 2005: ICOADS Release 2.1 data and products. Int. J. Climatol. (CLIMAR-II Special Issue), 25, 823-842 (doi:10.1002/joc.1166).

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