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CRUTEM. Data Download

CRUTEM5 data is provided here in NetCDF4 format. The current version of the CRUTEM5 dataset is CRUTEM.

Version information

CRUTEM. updates the data from CRUTEM. to include data for the year 2020. Data for the previous version can be found on the CRUTEM. download page.

Gridded data

The CRUTEM5 gridded data files contain air temperature anomaly information over land, mapped onto a regular 5-degree latitude by 5-degree longitude grid, together with associated uncertainty information.

Best estimate temperature anomalies
Measurement and sampling error
Station error
Exposure and urbanisation biases terms (97.5% confidence)
Exposure and urbanisation biases terms (2.5% confidence)
Temperature anomalies for alternative grid
Number of stations per grid cell

Time series

Regional average time series are provided for selected regions. Two varieties of time series files are provided. The summary series files provide best estimate series with upper and lower bounds on uncertainty. The component series files contain addition information on the contribution of each uncertainty source.

Summary seriesMonthlyAnnual
Global Monthly Annual
Northern hemisphere Monthly Annual
Southern hemisphere Monthly Annual

Uncertainty component seriesMonthlyAnnual
Global Monthly Annual
Northern hemisphere Monthly Annual
Southern hemisphere Monthly Annual

Station data

CRUTEM5 station files are provided in NetCDF4 format.

Station filesZipped NetCDF4
Station files Zipped NetCDF4

The station files are named according to each station's assigned station number. Each file contains information for a single station. Station files are named as [RRNNNC].nc, where RRNNNC is a 6-digit station ID number that is assigned by CRU. There are two forms of CRUTEM station numbers, indicated by the value of the final digit (C).

The first two digits of the ID number (RR) indicate the WMO block number for the station’s location (except for 99, which includes stations from a variety of countries), according to the codes used by the WMO (e.g. 01 is Norway, 16 is Italy, Greece and Malta). See this list of WMO ID ranges for each country to identify the first two digits used for each country.

Examples of CRUTEM station numbers:

A list of WMO station index ranges for each country is available from the WMO.


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